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Colic Remedies

A few Medical Colic Remedies When you take your baby to the doctor to have Colic diagnosed, the doctor will do a physical examination.He will ask you questions regarding symptoms and behavior. If you kept a journal, this is a great time to show it to the doctor. If he thinks that there might be […]

Colic Relief

How can I give my baby Colic Relief? There are several home remedies that can help your baby. Kyle responded very well to a warm pack on his tummy, tummy massage, and suckling. He also calmed some with white noise, swaddling and the infant swing. A little bit of extra pressure on his tummy often helped, […]

What is Infant Colic?

Colic or Infant Colic is typically described as an otherwise healthy baby who screams for three or more consecutive hours per day, five or more days per week, for three or more consecutive weeks without any other specific reason for the screaming. Symptoms often times get worse in the early evening or after eating, and […]

Dealing with Colic in Babies

Hi, my name is Sarah Vickers, If your baby has colic then you are most likely one amongst thousands of mother looking for help regarding colic in babies.  This blog is all about my experience dealing with a colic baby. My Story – Discovering Colic in Babies Hi, my name is Sarah Vickers. If you […]