Colic Relief

How can I give my baby Colic Relief?

There are several home remedies that can help your baby. Kyle responded very well to a warm pack on his tummy, tummy massage, and suckling. He also calmed some with white noise, swaddling and the infant swing. A little bit of extra pressure on his tummy often helped, as did leg range of motion exercises to relieve some of the gas. He did well with gas drops and gripe water, also. Eventually, we did go in and see the pediatrician again, and she prescribed a longer term treatment to alleviate symptoms all together.

My son suffering from colic

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Other suggestions for temporary help for Colic relief include:

  1. Feed your baby more often in smaller amounts.
  2. Cuddle, rock and sing/hum to your baby.
  3. If you are nursing try eliminating some common trigger foods from your diet and see if that helps. I did this, and when I eliminated milk and chocolate from my diet it helped Kyle.
  4. If your baby is on formula, try switching to a gentle formula or a formula that is broken down more for colic relief.
  5. If nothing seems to work, remember that it is okay for a baby to cry. It does not hurt them. You can give your baby a break by lying him/her down in the crib for 10 minute intervals and see if quiet time calms them.
  6. Remember to take a break yourself. Lay your baby in a safe place and give yourself a couple minute breather, or have somebody else take over for a little while so you can clear your head.  You can’t give colic relief if you’re overly exhausted and tense.
  7. Even if you try some of these suggestions one day and they do not work, try again on a different day. Sometimes what the baby finds soothing can change from day to day, or even from episode to episode.